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Production quality is our motto.

In 2010, our founder saw the need for a new alternative in the agricultural sector in the San Martín Jilotepeque area, as there was a shortage of something different and innovative to move away from traditional agriculture. That’s how the idea of starting an informal business came up, which consisted of visiting farms and small producers.

Little by little, the opportunity to formalize the business by opening a commercial location to the public arose, as visits to farms were not enough and the number of clients had increased. That’s how AGROPECUARIA EL BUEN SEMBRADOR was born.

Over time, demand grew and one person was no longer enough to meet client requirements, so the need arose to hire more personnel in sales as well as administration.

In 2017, Corporación Agropecuaria El Buen Sembrador Sociedad Anónima (Corporación Albussa) was born, with the idea of integrating more services in the future.

The most significant growth occurred in the first five years, where we had annual growth of up to 100%. After 5 years, projected growth has been between 20 and 30%, and we are grateful to have exceeded these projections.

Thanks to the hard work of all employees, in 2019 the idea and opportunity to form Albussa Export arose, seeing the possibilities of venturing into the international market with alternatives of coffee in different presentations and highlighting Guatemalan coffee for its quality that distinguishes it, hoping to enter the target markets in 2020 with acceptance.

That’s how we continue working with the enthusiasm and perseverance that characterizes us, always seeking the growth and well-being of both the company and its employees.


Produce, elevate, and provide a better quality of life to our customers through the healthy and accessible offer of the highest quality High Altitude Coffee, that elevates our roots and allows us to taste unique and unparalleled flavors with the perfect blend of different coffee regions of Guatemala, contributing to the economic development of the families of our suppliers and their communities.


To be a supplier of 100% pure coffee for our clients with unique and exotic blends for the international market, bringing the flavors of our land to our customers through carefully prepared and roasted beans, meeting the highest quality standards, directly impacting the North American market, expanding throughout the northern hemisphere, and thus to other continents around the globe.



To be pioneers in the international marketing of roasted and ground coffee, offering the best of Guatemala to the world.


Generate employment opportunities and contribute to the socio-economic development of the country.


- Transparency
- Punctuality
- Excellence
- Responsabilidad
- Loyalty
- Difference