We bring the best of Guatemala to the world.


Albussa Export is a company that specializes in processing coffee from parchment to roasted, following high standards of quality and safety. We have all the necessary licenses to operate and are endorsed by the FDA of the United States. We sell to coffee distributors who are looking for customized products, meeting their specific requirements

Our Services

Custom production

We adapt to the production needs and requirements of all types of coffee, always meeting the highest quality standards.


We have the technical, administrative, and technological capacity to take your product anywhere you need it.


We provide support to coffee farming families through direct purchases without intermediaries, to help the economy of Guatemalan coffee growers.

Our best ally is our people

Why do our clients prefer us?

We create solid business opportunities by providing quality production based on the satisfaction of our clients.

Social assistance to coffee farmers

Albussa Export, a leading company in the coffee industry, has shown a strong commitment to Guatemalan coffee farmers by providing them with significant social support. Instead of buying coffee from intermediaries, Albussa Export buys directly from coffee farmers, which allows them to obtain a fair price for their product and improve their living conditions.

coffee farmers
coffee farmers